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Science and Research

Published papers

Information on published papers can be found here - search is possible by the year of publishing and type of publication. Other option is using the university database of publications, where it is also possible to search by the author, publication, etc. (choosing particular tab) - this page can be found here. It is also get a print-out of the so called Brochure of publications, contents of which can be set at this page.

Most important project activities of the members of the Department of managementu include:

  1. cooperation on solution of the ESF project Interuniversity student competition
  2. cooperation on solution of Leonardo da Vinci project Training of managers/owners of SMEs in Strategic Management
  3. solution of the Research plan of FBE - main outputs can be found by selecting particular references in the introductory paragraph of this page.
  4. solution of the ESF project Training for cooperation of Research and development with practice
  5. solution of NAZV QF 3276 grant - Development perspectives and proposal of measures of vinegrowing and wine production and rural development in South Moravian region (results here).
  6. solution of post-doctoral grant No. 402/02/PD059 - Elaboration of methodology for analyzing agricultural and food-industry analysis (main results here).

Examples of cooperation with practice

  1. Common solution of the grant project "Development perspectives and proposal of measures of vinegrowing and wine production and rural development in South Moravian region" with the Union of vinegrowers of the Czech Republic and Wine fund and connected activities.
  2. Organizing training course for the Regional chamber of commerce in Brno.
  3. Analysis of jobs of professional personnel in hospitals in Znojmo, Třebíč, Faculty hospitals in Brno, and Ostrava.
  4. training courses for SMEs in cooperation with the Chamber of commerce.
  5. market research for Wine fund (aim of which was to describe the consumer behaviour on the Czech wine market and providing domestic producers with the information useful for searching for market opportunities and for decision making on production and marketing strategies in the period after the integration of the Czech Republic into the EU).
  6. membership in evaluation committee of the Manager of the year, and Winery of the year competitions.
  7. questionnaire survey for the Union of Vinegrowers of the Czech Republic focused on finding out about the satisfaction of its members with the services provided.