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Information on submission of the National agency for agricutlural research project

Project title: Sustainable development and competitiveness of SMEs in vinegrowing and wine production in the Czech Republic

Project guarantee: prof. Ing. Pavel TOMŠÍK, CSc. - FBE MENDELU

Project objective:Main objective of the project is to propose particular mesures leading to strengthening competitiveness of SMEs in vinegrowing and wine production in the Czech Republic.

Project aim: General aim of the project is to increase the success and viability of SMEs in vinegrowing and wine production through proposing appropriate measures connected with their proactive approach to influencing the development of external environment. Project aims on proposal of model measures of different types of vinegrowing and wine production businesses based on analyses and comparisons of competitive subjects in the industry, and its comparative analysis with regard to other selected countries. Based on the partial results of the projects the vinegrowing businesses will get an access to the information basis oriented to their industry, which should cotnribute to a faster orientation of the SMEs in the continuously changing environment and to their possible faster reaction, being prepared for the expected developments. Project results will be oriented into 2 main directions. The first direction will focus on proposals aiming on possile changes in the external environment, namely in the filed of recommendations to the regulatory bodies (possible proposals to adjust the legislature, supports of vinegrowers), and also industry organisations. In the second direction the proposals will be oriented on the desired chages on the side of particular businesses, their internal environment or particular products, product categories etc.

Expected benefits: Within the project there will be created a wider information basis - Vinegrowers information system ( - available on-line, which will represent the information basis of this industry. SMEs in any industry do not have sufficient human, knowledge, information and other resources to be able to continuously monitor the signals of future changes expected in their industries. The project will be bringing this information, which should contribute to:

  1. timely preparedness and faster orientation of vinegrowing businesses,
  2. improvement of viability of particular businesses,
  3. keeping the level of employment in these businesses (or to its increase),
  4. better informedness of subjects planning to enter this industry,
  5. better orientation of members of different interest groups connected with vinegrowing and wine production
In the second sphere the project will be aiming on proposals leading to possible changes of some characteristics of external environment under the control of regulation bodies and professional organisations (adjustment of legislative framework, supports, Wine fund and Vinegrowers union services etc.). Typical user of these proposals therefore will be the regulation bodies and professional organisations, but possibly also other stakeholders, specifically the independent businesses, which will be stimulated to proactively approach the changes in the environment.

Expected results: Results of the project will be divided into two main directions. The first one is realizing the viticultural information system run on the web, or elsewhere (introductory form is already shaded at the web The second direction of results will be formulation of particular recommendations for three types of subjects: regulatory bodies, professional organisations (Wine fund, Union of Vinegrowers of the Czech republic), vinegrowing and wine production businesses. Web portal will also enable a wider informedness of vinegrowing subjects about the solution and results of the project, but also gathering immediate feedback from professionals in the field and from the wide public.