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It is our pleasure to announce a successful realization of the mobility project "Czech-Norwegian Mobility Partnership". In the period from 26.10. 2014 to 25.10.2015 mobility of 12 participants was realized, 4 of them were students going for one semester to Hedmark University College, Faculty of Business Administration and 8 of them were teachers (3 teachers came to Mendelu in Brno, FBE and 5 teachers went to Hedmark University College). Within this project new professional relationships were established and the cooperation with project partner deepened. Despite the fact that the project ends the cooperation with Faculty of Business Administration will continue in the approved project of institutional cooperation from Norway grants - "Institutional cooperation in Sustainable and Responsible Education". This project is focused on research and benchmarking in responsible and sustainable education. Herby we would like to thank all participants and the partner for cooperation, Mendel University in Brno for support and most of all Norway grants for the financial support that enabled the project realization.

On behalf of the project team
Main project coordinator
Sylvie Formánková 


Czech-Norwegian Mobility Partnership

Grant was provided by Norway grants. Programme: CZ07 - Scholarship Programme and Bilateral Scholarship Programme

Project duration is one year enabling mobility in winter or spring semester 2014/2015.
Project solution period: 15.7.2014 - 31.12.2015

Project objectives

The objective of this project is to sustain and strengthen the relationship of the Faculty of Business and Economics, Mendel University in Brno (Mendelu) and the Faculty of Business Administration, Hedmark University College (HUC). The attainment of this objective will be based on the mobility of students and teachers, on their knowledge and experiences they could share with the partner institution. The mobility will be targeted primarily on the students from both institutions. They will come for one semester to study at the partner's institution. They will be able to compare the subjects taught at both of selected partner institutions, see different approaches and methods of teaching, they will study new subjects that are not included in the programme of their home faculty. It will lead to improvement of their language skills and increased competitiveness in the national and international labour market. The secondary target group are the teachers that will come for one week to teach at the partner institution. The teachers will share their expertise in teaching methods of a certain subject. They will gain new knowledge in this area and find new perspective and way of solution. They will improve their pedagogical skills and develop academic contacts. The students and teachers will be selected according to the criteria agreed by both partner institutions. The selection process will be done according to the rules set in the project documentation with respect of all rights of the participants and no discrimination, including the equality of women and men.

Target groups and their selection

Academic employees:
The teachers will be selected from all academic employees at the partner institutions. The criteria for the selection will be the same on both sides:

  • 35 % language skills (English)
  • 35 % experience with lecturing
  • 30 % publishing activity

Students will be selected from the two study levels - bachelor and master. The students will write a motivation letter and fill-in the application form. They will be invited for interview, where they prove their skills and knowledge. The students will be selected according to following criteria:

  • 45% language skills (English)
  • 45% study results
  • 10% participation in other university activities

To prove their English language skills the student will write a test.

More information on Norway grants can be found here:

More information about partner institution can be found here:

For more information about the mobility, please contact us:

Ing. Sylvie Formánková, Ph.D.
Main project coordinator, project solver
Department of Management, FBE, MENDELU
Tel: 545 132 535

Bc. Kristýna Karásková
Project coordinator
Dean's office of FBE MENDELU
Tel: 545 132 799

Information on mobility

This information is partner-specific, and therefore it is only available in the Czech language.