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Department of management assures teaching within all study programmes of the Faculty of Business and Economics, but also at the Faculty of Agronomy, Faculty of Horticulture, Institute of Lifelong Learning, and Faculty of Regional Development and International Studies. More details about the subjects taught can be found under the link "Subjects" in the menu on the left. The Department of Management together with the Department of Marketing and Trade has established the tradition of annual international scientific conference "Enterprise and competitive environment as a mean of communication and meeting of scientists and academics from different regions and cultures.

Memberships in professional organizations include:

  1. Czech Academy of Agricultural Sciences (ČAZV) and its branch Economics, management, sociology and informatics,
  2. Vinegrowers union of the Czech republic (SVČR),
  3. Czech Association for Case Method Research and Application (CZACRA),
  4. Evaluation committees for projects within Operation Programme Research and Development for Innovations in competitions called by the Czech Invest Agnecy,
  5. Czech Management Association,
  6. WACRA - World Association for Case Method Research and Application,
  7. Academy of Management,
  8. Strategic Management Society,
  9. Vine data Quantifcation Society (VDQS Paris),
  10. European Association of Wine Economists (EuAVE, France),
  11. Scientific councils of: MENDELU, EF CULS in Prague, FAST TU in Brno,
  12. Editorial boards of scientific journals: Acta Universitatis, Agricultural Economics, Littera Scripta, Fermentation Industry.


  1. analysis of external and internal environment, proposal of strategies for the future development of an organisation
  2. proces analysis as a suitable tool increasing labour productivity and competitiveness of an organisation
  3. labour market analysis
  4. methodic assistance in setting up a code of ethics
  5. improvement of organisational culture, internal communication, image and goodwill of an organisation,
  6. teambuilding and its graphic visualisation (sociomapping)
  7. management skills,
  8. time management,
  9. business ethics,
  10. stimulation of staff, recruitment and selection of optimal candidate, employee placement, remuneration, outplacement etc.
  11. preparation of a CV, calculation of the net wage, formulation of labour contract etc.
  12. we offer consultancy, lectures, seminars, training courses, discussions and workshops tailored to the needs of a particular customer.